Here is what people are saying about Aaron David Ward and The Not Too Far From Home Comedy Tour:

“You were great! I hope you come back again sometime to Pulaski. We loved you!”
-Michele, Pulaski, NY

“Thank you for putting on such a great show last night! We got great reviews! We will definitely keep you in mind next year! ”
-Stephanie, Oswego, NY

“An awesome evening of comedy at the Van Schaick last night! My face hurts from laughing so much! Well done!”
-Tom, Waterford, NY

“You guys were all awesome. Lots of great feedback!! Look forward to doing it again.”
-Bill, Oneonta, NY

“The Not Too Far From Home Comedy tour was a huge success! Dan did a great job warming up the crowd and Aaron was hilarious interacting with the guests; we all had a great time! Everyone’s already asking when we’ll be booking another show; we’re looking forward to it!”
-Kyleigh, Craryville, NY

“I have heard only good reports from the audience and we look forward to working with you next year.”
-Phil, Trumansburg, NY

“Thank you for a Wonderful Night of Good Times and Lots of Laughter!!!!”
-Lyle And Tamera, Oswego, NY

“You have a great talent, wish you all the luck in the world! Next time I need a comedian, I know who to call. :)”
-Anna (after checking out my videos online)

“We thank you! Everyone at Saturday night’s show has been saying how funny you and the other comics were. Thank you so much!”
-Laura, Amsterdam, NY

“Thank You Aaron David Ward for cracking everyone up at the fund raiser. You’re the Best!!!!”
-Madelyn, Cornwall, NY

“Thanks again for such a great show. We heard a lot of great things about the show last evening.”
-Randy, Marydel, DE

“My husband Gordon and I had a wonderful time. You are the best!!!
-Diane, Saratoga Springs, NY

“Everyone had a really great time last night Aaron David Ward! Thank you!!”
-Deborah, Saratoga Springs, NY

“THANK YOU!!! It was fantastic and we certainly will be looking forward to planning more events like this!!!!”
-Lisa, Montpelier, VT

“Great show! Thanks for braving the weather to come up here! We had a blast…Laughed until I was crying!”
-Fritz, Rainbow Lake, NY

“It was a great show; we are getting good feedback.”
-Marianne, Lake Placid, NY

“Finally a comedian who is intelligent, funny and has a witty banter with the audience instead of insulting everyone there. I truly enjoyed the show.”
-Joanne, New Hartford, NY

“Many great compliments from the crowd last night! VERY funny show and looking forward to seeing next The Not Too Far From Home Comedy Tour in our area. These guys are high quality comedians. Thanks for a hysterical evening!”
-Peter, Rotterdam, NY

“Hey Aaron – I heard last night was fantastic! There have been so many great compliments from our customers – thank you!! The Villa Tuscan Grille looks forward to having you back again soon! Always a pleasure working with you, Aaron David Ward.”
-Jennifer, Rotterdam, NY

“Great time tonight! You are a real pro. Great humor! Expect to be seeing you on my living room TV in the coming years.”
-Scott and Joanne, New Hartford, NY

“Thanks Aaron. I know everyone loves the shows. Looking forward to the next one.”
-Jan, Highland Mills, NY

“Thank you for making the show a success! You guys were great! I had wonderful
feedback from customers who attended.”

-Sara, Clifton Park, NY

“Thank you Aaron! You were a pleasure to work with and everyone had a great night. You, Steve and Dan really kept crowd entertained and I think that it will be an event people remember! I will be sure to keep you in mind for any future events.”
-Stephanie, TEG Federal Credit Union, Poughkeepsie, NY

“All the feedback has been great. You guys did not disappoint.”
-Art, TEG Federal Credit Union, Poughkeepsie, NY

“You were terrific! Please let us know when you will appear again!”
-EJ and Rick, Scotia, NY

“Hey Aaron…..seriously I told my sister Heather you were the best….really loved your antics and your real approach to life! Wishing you all the best too, will follow you for sure!.”
-Cheryl, Chateaugay, NY

“Feedback from the show is very positive. We will certainly keep you in mind for another engagement in the future. Thanks for coming.”
-Carol, Chateaugay, NY

“Your performance was a huge success.  It was a very successful evening. Everyone had a great time and we thank you and Deric for making our fundraiser both fun and profitable!
-Mary, Tupper Lake, NY

“It was great having you here. Audience members said you were great and asked, When’s the next one?”
-Tim, Port Henry, NY

“Once again, great to meet you last night. You were great up there. Please lemme know when you wanna come and hang in NYC!”
-Evan Davis, Comedian, NYC

“You did a very nice job on stage and I think you will work well in our room. It was a pleasure working with you and I wish you all the professional success you deserve.”
-Conor, Brew Ha Ha Comedy Club, City Steam, Hartford, CT

“We are absolutely interested in bringing you back! You guys were great and we’ve had nothing but good feedback.”
–Patty, Schroon Lake, NY

“Thank YOU! We all had a great time and we will have you back again for sure. Have a great summer!”
–Jan, Highland Mills, NY

“I encourage all my Saratoga area friends to see this show tonight. Aaron David Ward is one of the funniest people of all time. And not just because he use to wear homemade sweat shorts held up by a leather belt when we worked together.”
–Don, Baltimore, MD

“It was a fun night. We really enjoyed the show! Thanks!”
–Aisha, Corning, NY

“Had a wonderful time! Everything was just perfect!”
–Rachel, Corning, NY

“Great choice in talent!”
–Terry, Corning, NY

“Great show Thursday night! We all enjoyed it.”
–Cosmo, Utica, NY

“I just wanted to drop a line to extend my gratitude for your participation with the ARI Comedy Night. This was my brain child four years ago to help my husband’s agency raise funds for their clients–individuals with disabilities. Since we both work in the field and my husband now runs the organization we understand the needs greater than anyone for this population. I appreciate all your flexibility and working with Gerard to have a smooth evening.”
–Valerie, Stamford, CT

“I had a blast working with you last night at Jr’s and really enjoyed the show. It was fun talking with you and Michael between shows and I appreciate all the advice and insight you guys gave me. I look forward to hopefully working with you again some time in the future. If you’re ever going to be in the Cleveland area, let me know and I’ll come check out a show.”
–Comedian Jimmy Mac, Cleveland, OH

“It was an absolute pleasure working with you at Junior’s in Erie, PA.”
–Comedian Michael Somerville, New York, NY

“Just wanted to say again how much my husband and I enjoyed your performance. Your material and delivery are amazing. And you have a genuine warmth that comes across. That’s adds so much to your performance. I wish you continued success in your comedy career.”
–Comedian Sharon Dyer, Schenectady, NY

“All three of you were fantastic…what an audience, too! Looking forward to your return in the future for sure!”
–David and Richard, Little Falls, NY

“Thanks to both you and Steve for the excellent performance. We have had nothing but positive feedback from our employees on the evening and how well you and Steve did. Fun was had by all!! It takes a special gift to do what you both do (and do it well!) and you both have that gift. Keep doing what you do best, making people laugh.”
— Howard, Vernon NY

“Thanks so much Aaron. Everyone had a wonderful time….and good hearty laughs!”
–Debra, Schenectady Community Action Program, Inc.

“Thanks, Aaron. The night was a big success. You were a huge hit!”
–Lou, Schenectady Community Action Program, Inc.

“Thanks for a great show and we wish you continued success on future shows. We had a very good dinner and bar crowd.”
–Michelle, Long Lake, NY

“I want to thank you and the other comedians for putting on a spectacular show.”
–Paul Gage, Adams, MA

“Saw you at the Comedy Works last night. Great job!”
–Brian, Albany, NY

“Saw you at the Albany Comedy Works on Saturday. Great set…I liked you better than the others. Hilarious bit about Walmart. Look forward to seeing your act in the future.”
–Raymond, Albany, NY

“I love your site and the clip I saw was great. Please know I will be coming to one of your upcoming shows and if you have a mailing list add my email address to it.”
–Wayne, Albany, NY

“You guys were a great success and everyone we have spoken with since the show loved it! You provided Lowell with a taste of a real professional comedy act delivered in the classic, intimate club style. We look forward to the next show.”
–Robert, Lowell, MA

“It was a pleasure to host you and Deric. I’ll be in touch about next season, we would love to do this again.”
–James, Montour Falls, NY

“I want to thank everybody who supported the event for my niece, Colbie, at the Comedy Works. In particular, I want to thank Aaron David Ward and Tom Brisco, the comedians who performed, and all of you who helped spread the word about the show. Everybody in attendance had a good time and we raised several hundred dollars for Colbie. Thank you!!!”
–Pat, Albany, NY

“Wow! Great Job…great crowd! What a pleasure you were to work with… let’s have you back in November!”
–Janet, Oneonta, NY

“Great show at the Foothills Performing Arts Center in Oneonta, NY. We had a blast!!! Thanks for the laughs!!!
–Tom & Amy, Oneonta, NY

“Thank you for the performance, last night was wonderful. Our students had a great time and the show was spectacular. I wish you the best as well. Thank you again!”
–Aaron, Mansfield University, Mansfield, PA

“Great show! Thanks!”
–Stephen, New Britain, CT

“I am glad you had the turn out that you did. We would definetely be interested in working with you again. Thank you for allowing the opportunity to host your event.”
–Majke, Southbridge, MA

“We had a great time on Saturday! You were awesome! We were laughing the entire time!!”
–Jim and Kim, Waterford, NY

“It was a pleasure to work with you both and the show was fantastic!! Can’t wait to have you again.”
–Michele, Torrington, CT

“You were drop-dead funny Saturday. I really think you’re material is PERFECTLY aimed at the 20/30-something, intelligent disallusionaries…like myself and my friends…and hopefully you keep moving forward.”
–Alex, West Mountain, Queensbury, NY

“I’d like to say again your comedic act last night was spot-on.”
–Dennis, Albany, NY

“You are a true talent my friend. I will see you again soon.”
–Bruno Schirripa, Wise Guys Comedy Club, Syracuse, NY

“We enjoyed you so much last week, and Deric, too! Looking forward to having you back, just give us a shout.”
–David and Richard, Little Falls, NY

“I was watching David Letterman when I saw a 1993 tape of a young and gifted comic, Bill Hicks (now deceased). Letterman and his production people had decided in 1993 to excise this performance from the show and now, 15 years later, for some reason, Letterman invited the comic’s mother to the show and apologized to her. I found the video clip on You Tube and I thought I’d send it to you. Yes, he reminds me of you, but I’m sending it for your enjoyment. He just somehow seemed to me to be a kindred spirit of yours. I was happy to see your busy schedule. My best wishes.”
–Joe, Waterford, NY

“Great job! Everyone had a very good time! You had them rolling all night! Look forward to doing something again again soon.”
–Art, Waterford, NY

“Great job Friday night at The Comedy Works. You made Jimmy’s birthday (the big muscle head in the front row with his brothers) a huge success. We hope to come out Saturday night to see you again. Love your comedy.”
–Kat and Jimmy, Albany, NY

“My friend, Sherri, and I had such a great time in Millers Falls at the 2nd Sunday Comedy night at the Rt. 63 Roadhouse. I didn’t know what to expect – which is always best, of course. It would be great to see you again, so please come back. Put me on your email show list.”
–Jerri, Millers Falls, MA

“Hey, Aaron, great show at Sweet Basil! Glad to see you again. The new stuff is fab! “
–Old Fan Vicki, Queensbury, NY

“Hey, I saw you a while ago at Magic City Music Hall in Johnson City, NY. Great Show!”
–“Tangerine Fields Forever”, MySpace, Binghamton, NY

“Just wanted to say we enjoyed the show @ Jr’s in Erie and had a blast talking with you afterwards…we’ll do our best to bring a crowd next time you are in town!”
–LiveStrong, Mike and Jen, Erie, PA

“Nice job on Saturday night. I know a quality original act when I see one and you definitely are. I only say it to those I respect as fitting the bill and you do. I hope you achieve the success your talent deserves.”
–Comedian Bill Campbell, Boston, MA