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Date/Time Event
8:15 pm
Rotterdam Junction Volunteer Fire Department Annual Dinner
8:00 pm
The Not Too Far From Home Comedy Tour
The Southwick Inn, Southwick MA
8:00 pm
The Not Too Far From Home Comedy Tour
Foothills Performing Arts Center, Oneonta NY
8:00 pm
The Not Too Far From Home Comedy Tour
The American Foundry, Oswego NY
8:00 pm
The Not Too Far From Home Comedy Tour
Malta Community Center, Malta NY
8:00 pm
Private Gig
The Edison Club, Rexford NY

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Aaron David Ward... Madly Funny

For the last 12 years, comedian Aaron David Ward, from TV’s The Glenn Slingerland Situation, has entertained audiences from New Hampshire to California by getting them to laugh and think at his self-deprecating, socio-political, and culturally critical comedy. He opens his heart, mind, and soul to fans during each trip deep inside his mind for a funny, honest, and twisted look at his concerns, disappointments, doubts, fears, and worries. You get to see a tug of war between the emotional and intellectual brains when Aaron is on stage. Aaron has performed throughout the Northeast and Midwest, appeared in the Boston Comedy Festival, Plymouth Rock Comedy Festival, Cape May Comedy Festival, The World Series of Comedy, and in several movies including What I See In The Dark and Aftermath as well as a pilot for MTV and VH1 entitled The List. If you are a fan of funny, introspective, and smart stand up comedy, then Aaron David Ward is your kind of comedian! See Aaron on The Not Too Far From Home Comedy Tour coming to a city, town, and village near you soon!

Thoughts from a Mental Ward

December 10, 2014 by Aaron David Ward

The CIA claims torture yielded a Home Depot-sized trove of intelligence…for those of us who are mechanically-disinclined…spending time in Home Depot is torture.

Afghanistan and Germany both condemed American torture…that’s the pot calling the kettle black-and-blue.

David Letterman is retiring on Wednesday, May 20th…given that he could still make millions more…it might be a Stupid Human Trick.

Poland has admitted the U.S. used a black site prison to torture suspected terrorists…Polish authorities thought the CIA was training suspected terrorists how to repair pools.

Students at medical schools around the U.S. are planning “die-in” protests…given the state of our healthcare system it’s possible to really “die-in” a hospital.

Oil is at a 5-year low…oil is so cheap, bottled water is more expensive than gas.

Instagram has more users than Twitter…photos are more popular than words…and soon we’ll once again live in caves.

It looks like Pirate Bay, known as ‘the world’s most notorious file-sharing site,’ is on its last legs…or at least its last peg leg.

Researchers believe the critically-endangered porpoise could be extinct in four years…remember kids, the porpoise has a purpose.

Sony plans a 21 Jump Street and Men in Black crossover…I always suspected Channing Tatum was an alien.

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