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Date/Time Event
09/26/2014 - 09/27/2014
All Day
The World Series of Comedy
Tuscany, Las Vegas NV
8:00 pm
The Not Too Far From Home Comedy Tour
Palaia Vineyards, Highland Mills NY
8:00 pm
The Not Too Far From Home Comedy Tour
The Assembly Theatre, Harrisville RI
8:30 pm
The Not Too Far From Home Comedy Tour
Amsterdam Municipal Golf Course, Amsterdam NY
9:00 pm
The Not Too Far From Home Comedy Tour
Ravenswood Pub, Clifton Park NY
8:00 pm
Comedy Lantern Showcase
San Gennaro Brick Oven Restaurant, Bristol CT
8:00 pm
The Not Too Far From Home Comedy Tour
Rail House Restaurant and Tap Room, Waverly NY

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Aaron David Ward... Madly Funny

For the last 12 years, comedian Aaron David Ward, from TV’s The Glenn Slingerland Situation, has entertained audiences from New Hampshire to California by getting them to laugh and think at his self-deprecating, socio-political, and culturally critical comedy. He opens his heart, mind, and soul to fans during each trip deep inside his mind for a funny, honest, and twisted look at his concerns, disappointments, doubts, fears, and worries. You get to see a tug of war between the emotional and intellectual brains when Aaron is on stage. Aaron has performed throughout the Northeast and Midwest, appeared in the Boston Comedy Festival, Plymouth Rock Comedy Festival, Cape May Comedy Festival, The World Series of Comedy, and in several movies including What I See In The Dark and Aftermath as well as a pilot for MTV and VH1 entitled The List. If you are a fan of funny, introspective, and smart stand up comedy, then Aaron David Ward is your kind of comedian! See Aaron on The Not Too Far From Home Comedy Tour coming to a city, town, and village near you soon!

Thoughts from a Mental Ward

September 2, 2014 by Aaron David Ward

Justin Bieber was charged with assault and dangerous driving in Canada…which is like being charged with a speeding ticket in America.

When yet another celebrity’s nude pics become news…it’s no longer news.

The CDC’s director is calling for a worldwide effort to stop Ebola…collective the entire world is being asked to not turn it’s head and not cough.

Russia is calling on the US to push Ukraine into halting its military campaign…which is like asking the Devil to stop making hell so hot.

The British parents who pulled their son from a cancer ward won’t be charged…at least the cancer at government is kept at bay.

32 felons have escaped from a Nashville juvenile jail…they should be easy to find just scour the area monster truck rallies.

U.S. manufacturing expansion increased in August…if you count movies and weapons as the chief manufactured goods.

Mobile device makers are introducing a steady stream of smart watches…in hopes dumb consumers will pay even more money to tell time.

A study finds a low-carb diet beats a low-fat diet for weight loss…and taste.

A study finds most Americans are eating better foods except the poor…who are hoping to eat the rich.

A Russian mission to learn about the sex life of geckos in orbit took a bad turn…when they decided to learn about the sex life of geckos.

NASA has successfully tested a rocket engine injector, produced with 3D-printing…and presumably a lot of 2D cash.

875 square miles of Lake Michigan could become a marine sanctuary…as opposed to a graveyard for the Detroit mob.

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