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Date/Time Event
8:00 pm
Private Gig
The Edison Club, Rexford NY
8:00 pm
The Not Too Far From Home Comedy Tour
West Rutland Town Hall Auditorium, West Rutland VT
8:00 pm
The Not Too Far From Home Comedy Tour
Rail House Restaurant and Tap Room, Waverly NY
9:00 pm
The Not Too Far From Home Comedy Tour
Tryon Inn and Backdoor Bar, Cherry Valley NY
8:00 pm
The Not Too Far From Home Comedy Tour
Hudson River Music Hall, Hudson Falls NY
8:00 pm
The Not Too Far From Home Comedy Tour
Van Schaick Island Country Club, Cohoes NY

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Aaron David Ward... Madly Funny

For the last 12 years, comedian Aaron David Ward, from TV’s The Glenn Slingerland Situation, has entertained audiences from New Hampshire to California by getting them to laugh and think at his self-deprecating, socio-political, and culturally critical comedy. He opens his heart, mind, and soul to fans during each trip deep inside his mind for a funny, honest, and twisted look at his concerns, disappointments, doubts, fears, and worries. You get to see a tug of war between the emotional and intellectual brains when Aaron is on stage. Aaron has performed throughout the Northeast and Midwest, appeared in the Boston Comedy Festival, Plymouth Rock Comedy Festival, Cape May Comedy Festival, The World Series of Comedy, and in several movies including What I See In The Dark and Aftermath as well as a pilot for MTV and VH1 entitled The List. If you are a fan of funny, introspective, and smart stand up comedy, then Aaron David Ward is your kind of comedian! See Aaron on The Not Too Far From Home Comedy Tour coming to a city, town, and village near you soon!

Thoughts from a Mental Ward

January 11, 2015 by Aaron David Ward

The White House has announced an anti-violence summit…so that’s what politicians call a meeting with the CIA.

A million people are marching in Paris…sure hope they all showered.

Fourth graders in an upstate NY school district are accused of planning to kill a teacher using hand sanitizer…they’ve been reading too much Macbeth.

The U.S. unemployment rate declined to 5.6% in December…making the U.S. government the most successful magician since David Copperfield made the Statue of Liberty vanish.

Taken 3 is tops at the box office…if you’re willing to be Taken a 3rd time by the same plot as 1 and 2.

Katy Perry will headline the Super Bowl…maybe we’ll get some on purpose wardrobe malfunctions.

The CDC warns it’s going to be a bad flu season…much to the delight of facial tissue makers.

A study finds people with a good attitude generally have good heart health…what a crock…excuse me while I have my heart attack now.

George Zimmerman has been arrested for throwing a wine bottle at his girlfriend…maybe she was wearing a hoodie.

5 people were shot at a Chris Brown show…an expression you would never hear uttered at a Kenny G concert.

The Ohio EPA says no dangerous contaminants were released in to the air by an explosion at an Ohio oil refinery…with the exception of media panic.

Parts of New Jersey are booming as a result of business incentives…like fast food chains around the Governor’s office.

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